Patrick Staves Medienproduktion

I'm Patrick, 31 years old and a freelancing media producer from Kiel, Germany. I always loved being creative. So after school I began an apprenticeship to become an officially certified photo designer and started working at a product design company in Hamburg, Germany. I left the company in 2009 to study Multimedia Production at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel and graduated at the beginning of 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts. Since then I have been travelling, living abroad, learning the business of live production, working, following my passion of climbing - gaining some real life experience.

I take photos, film, edit, and do postproduction. I love VFX and CGI and am keen to do more of that sort of work in the future. You can get a small insight of what I have been doing under the section work.

Portrait Patrick 2017